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He once again takes advantage of her, but soon Ha-Young finds herself falling head over heels for Hyung-Joon.

But what happens when he drops out of her life just when she needs him most? I love how the characters stayed true to themselves, and they were relatable. I cannot believe the guy actor is 2 years younger...

This limited edition comes with the original soundtrack album, 6 photos, and various extras including making of, audio commentary, trailers, cast and crew interviews, and more. * Screen Format : Anamorphic Widescreen * Sound Mix : Dolby 5.1 * DVD Type : N/A * Extras : - Commentary – 신동엽 감독, 황철현 촬영감독 - Making & Interview – 신동엽 감독,황철현 촬영감독,하지원, 김재원 - Movie & Making Film - Theatrical Trailer - Gallery - Cast & Crew * Director : 신동엽 - 고딩노비 VS 싸기지 쥔님의 삼세판 전쟁! I usually enjoy movies by my favorite actors or actresses regardless. In more skillful hands, this set-up could have been mined for comic gold, but here the story is allowed to stray on pointless tangents that wreck the film's pacing. This is one of those feel good movies that I can watch it over and over and never got tired of it .

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His family hire a tutor for him who is his own age but she comes from a poor background.But it felt like the people behind the movie thought that it was too simple a plot to be funny so they had to exaggerate the comedy. It was pitiful to see Ha Ji Won trying so hard to be comical, I wanted to cry. Arrogant but it was a shame that his candid acting was swallowed up by the exagerratedness of everything around him. this movie's cover caught my eye so i decided to give it a try. The ending is just horrible, why would the guy ever do that.Although this is the first movie of hers that I've seen, I know there's a funny side to her so they should have just let it come out from her naturally. It's just putting the girl in unnecessary pain.Following the successes of My Sassy Girl and My Tutor Friend, Korea produces another hilarious romantic comedy based on an internet novel.Teaming up for the first time, starlet Ha Ji Won and small-screen heartthrob Kim Jae Won show great chemistry and comedic flair as a feuding odd couple in My Love Ssagajy: 100 Days with Mr. Dumped by her boyfriend, high school student Ha Young (Ha Ji Won) vents her anger by kicking a can on the street.

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