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The Scottish FA hadn’t yet been formed but the Queen’s Park club agreed to organise the first official international between England and Scotland.

A 4,000 crowd, including a good number of ladies, was present for a 0-0 draw that Bell’s Life saw as “one of the jolliest, one of the most spirited and most pleasant matches that have ever been played according to Association rules”.

This has the array indexed from 1 to N, and the "not found" return code is zero or negative.

As the player, an optimal strategy for the general case is to start by choosing the range's midpoint as the guess, and then asking whether the guess was higher, lower, or equal to the secret number.

To divide an unsigned number by 2, simply do a logical right shift.

County and District Associations, charged with fostering the game and organising clubs in their own areas, sprang into life all over the country between 18.

The announcement of the birth of ‘The Football Association Challenge Cup’ ran to just 29 words: “That it is desirable that a Challenge Cup should be established in connection with the Association for which all clubs belonging to the Association should be invited to compete”.

In such a situation however, preparing in-line code may be the better move: fortunately, there is not a lot of code involved.

Equivalently, this is the lowest index where the element is greater than the given value, or 1 past the last index if such an element does not exist.

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