Chinese pop star dating child model

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v=D1q Gbjj8FLo When I was 12 years old, I thought that dating someone who was 24 years old made you cool.

For the record, I never dated anyone that old at 12 but 19 on the other hand, that was my number.

While Zhang is advocating for himself there are groups in place who are working tirelessly to promote sexual abuse and call it “Intergenerational Love”.

They would claim that Zhang is just “minor-attracted” and would prefer to be referred to as such, because pedophile or any “phile” name for that matter is casting a negative light.

Canadian child Akama Miki and adult pop star Zhang Muyi may have different cultural boundaries as they are not American, however child sexual abuse is a world problem that is not legitimized through a race, class, nation, economic status or other condition.Children do not understand adult things, and can not reason as adults do.There is no way that a child can in their right mind consent to sex.A video of their duet, "Pretty Boy," was posted on Sept.9, and they plan to release another song, "Courageous Love," soon, no doubt as a testament to their relationship.

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