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Prior to the institution of Groadmiral, the Imperial German Navy’s highest rank was a full Admiral, who wore TWO pips.The Navy had no equivalent to the Imperial German Army’s Generaloberst, who displayed THREE pips. The number of shoulder board pips displayed on the four admirals’ ranks was as follows: a Konteradmiral wore NO pips; a Vizeadmiral displayed ONE pip; an Admiral boasted TWO pips; and a Groadmiral had NO pips, but instead displayed crossed batons].Listed below are the six men who held the rank from 1901 until the empire’s end in 1918.1901 - Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859–1941) 1901 - King Oskar II of Sweden (1829–1907) 28 June 1905 - Hans von Koester (1844–1928) 4 September 1909 - HRH Prinz Heinrich of Prussia (1862–1929) 27 January 1911 - Alfred von Tirpitz (1849–1930) The first two recipients were ceremonial appointments rather than direct commands.The tongue also displays red and black piping on a white background.

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I have seen some superb shoulder boards and epaulettes over the years, including those from the Kaiser.

Nothing, however, has ever touched the sublime beauty of these truly magnificent specimens. Wool or felt is normally used for background material, not silk.

Each center is highlighted by a pair of crossed batons.

Instead of a Groadmiral’s crossed batons, those boards displayed FOUR pips, which indicated the equivalent of a Generaloberst in the rank of Generalfeldmarschall.

The latter was a rank often used by royals in the Imperial German Army, and officially WAS an la Suite position.

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