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I neglected the girl and she found love interests elsewhere at work – which caused us to split up, me move out of our house, find a new job and well… This all came after my Dad had passed away, and the road leading to his departure.I couldn’t cope with what was happening around me – I was a mess. I moved on – I spent the next year or so living the single life – I didn’t have a plan – I just wanted to live spontaneously.

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It was decided that I would trial a service for one month – and I’m glad I did! So I decided to respond with the usual “how are you?Funny to think that a video from me about Klinefelters Syndrome has attracted over eight thousand views on You Tube and many comments from people just like me saying that it was great!Makes me feel good inside that people are getting something out of it!I’m happy that I stood my ground, yet it scared me a little bit how I have changed.At the time, I felt a confidence rush – I guess with great powers come great responsibility and I have to learn to master this new found confidence without it resulting in a negative outcome. my good friend and work colleague came over towards the end of August and we were debating the pitfalls of our age and single life – would we ever be like our other responsible friends and find a relationship.

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