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He arrived at her parents’ house with a jewelry box and a bunch of balloons.

Perhaps feeling overly excited, he may have knocked a little too exuberantly.

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Prince Yoel of Ethiopia—the great-grandson of Haile Selassie, the last emperor of Ethiopia—was finishing up his law degree at Howard University when he bought a diamond ring to propose to then-girlfriend Ariana Austin, a Harvard grad, philanthropist, and writer.

Hearing what she interpreted as banging, Ariana feared there might be an intruder trying to break in and called her parents who were on their way home from a night out.

Luckily, once she realized what was happening, the life-changing occasion went off much more seamlessly.

Think about text messages or email alerts from your phone in this context. Can our technology actually help us slow down and see each other as opposed to only transporting us and our attention away from each other?

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The couple dubbed their match as what happens when “Old World aristocracy meets New World charm.”Prince Yoel kept his royal status a secret when he initially approached Ariana at that D. bar, telling she and her friend they looked like they’d stepped out of an ad for Bombay Sapphire—to this day, the bride’s family laughs about this pickup line—but she immediately recognized a worldliness in him and was impressed.

The prince, who was born in Rome when his parents, Prince David Makonnen and Princess Adey Imru Makonnen, were living in exile, grew up in Switzerland and was well-traveled.

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