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It goes by street names "Meow-Meow," "Drone," "M-Cat," "White Magic," "methylmethcathinone (MMC) hammer," "Rush," and "Bubbles." It is a lot cheaper than cocaine, selling for as little as Rs. Mephedrone, manufactured in India and China, is marketed as plant feed or bath salts on the internet but is being widely used as a narcotic drug.

Initially, the drug was not on the list of banned drugs in India but was included in the list in March 2015.

With oral administration, psychoactive effects may last longer (up to 2-4 h); side effects might be milder and the urge to redose less pressing.

Some consumers exploit both insufflation and oral ingestion in combination to achieve both faster onset and long-lasting effects.

There has been a significant rise in the number and variety of designer drugs, and this has a significant impact on the understanding and management of drug abuse.

Synthetic cathinones are a naturally occurring b-ketone amphetamine analog found in the leaves of Catha edulis (khat plant).

The questionable legal status, easy availability, low prices, high purity of mephedrone, and the unreliable purity of other drugs are some of the other factors that exponentially increased the demand for mephedrone.Use of these designer drugs may lead to multi-organ failure and death.It has become increasingly evident that mephedrone is highly dangerous to public health.Indeed, in vitro studies on the effects of the cathinone derivatives methcathinone and methylone confirm that the main mechanism of action is very similar to that of amphetamine, therefore being characterized by a predominant action on plasma membrane catecholamine transporters.In particular, the presence of the ring substituent on the phenethylamine core modifies the pharmacological properties by giving the compound some 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine (MDMA)-like effects, whereas amphetamines and cathinone derivatives without ring substituents exert mostly stimulant effects.

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