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It is not built on naked majoritarianism or other offensive ideas that glorify the state at the expense of individuals. somewhere): Robert Reich says that one of the most deceptive ideas embraced by the Ayn Rand-inspired Right is that the free market is natural, and exists outside and beyond government.

He writes:“In reality, the 'free market' is a bunch of rules about 1) what can be owned and traded (the genome?

Editor’s note: cn provides a live webcast and minute-by-minute coverage of the Nanjing Youth Olympic opening ceremony, which begins at pm, Saturday. ———————————————————————————– No need to reload page, content updates automatically every two minutes. ———————————————————————————– Four singers, including South Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun, Chinese singers Jane Zhang, Zhang Jie and a Russian singer, sing the theme song for the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games.

The theme song is entitled “Light the future.” The Youth Olympic Games was first held in Singapore four years ago and lasted for 12 days.

Why is it that those least knowledgeable about libertarianism speak so authoritatively on what libertarianism entails?

The Walmart story does not inherently demonstrate that libertarianism is flawed or daft.

The assertion that libertarianism has never been tried before does not constitute proof that libertarianism is therefore wrong-headed. And since libertarians believe that governments have just powers, the issue is about what constitutes a just power.

Anyway, libertarianism happens every day when two or more people engage in voluntary exchange. That difference in scale is relevant, of course, and is not meant as proof that libertarianism would work. Voluntary exchange does not include fraud, for example, so a rule against fraud can be appropriate.

(Libertarianism is not anarchism.) Capitalists in the pejorative sense Werleman intends are most likely better described as corporatists or crony capitalists. Atlas Shrugged does not push the idea that "Screw you, I have mine" is an acceptable worldview. These rules don’t exist in nature; they are human creations.(Or "Fuck you, I've got mine", as I described this theory in my response to author John Green's similar misunderstanding.) The idea is better expressed as a rejection of "Screw you, I want yours." An implicit tenet within libertarianism is that people are generally good, both able and willing to cooperate. ); 5) how to pay for what (taxes, user fees, individual pricing? Governments don’t 'intrude' on free markets; governments organize and maintain them.Werleman continues: Famed science author and editor of Skeptic magazine Michael Shermer says he became a libertarian after reading Ayn Rand’s tome Atlas Shrugged. That’s the book that continues to inspire college sophomores during the height of their masturbatory careers, typically young Republicans (nee fascists).But unless your name is Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI), most people grow out of the, “Screw you, I have mine” economic principles bestowed by the Russian-born philosopher by the time they’re legally old enough to order their first beer.

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