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Poverty is still a huge problem and it is one of the main drivers of underage prostitution. One woman the ABC spoke to in a poor township said her teenage daughters sneak out at night.

She does not know where they go, but they come home with money.

He said the men who come to Mombasa to prey on young girls keep that hope alive, but only as long as they are here. That's why we are doing something about it, too," he said."We are making communities aware that relationships with wazungu or with any other person, as such, does not necessarily pull you out of poverty."In 2014 The World Bank recalculated the size of the economy in Kenya and gave it middle-income status.The hotels in Mombasa were full of European travelers, both male and female, travelling alone.Everyone at the hotels, from the receptionists to the help, was aware of relationships between those in the hotel and the locals, according to Klougart.There she saw older, single, white women, who were often surrounded by young Kenyans.“It was very easy to spot,” Klougart told Business Insider.

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