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I’m stubborn, though, and I’m not running out (at least not yet) of the increasingly-hard-to-find spanking images that can catch my eye and tickle my fancy.Anyway, Erica Scott was for many years a die-hard spanking blogger like me, but she’s finally hung up her hat and thrown in the towel.In the early days for spanking chat and exploration, there were what was known as newsgroups, and various chat rooms.

I joined this bandwagon in 2005, on what used to be the hopping place (! My blog there straggled along for a while, trying to find its audience, but there was so much competition. One, I was listed by our blog queen, Bonnie, who made a point of spotlighting new blogs in her “In With the New” column. Until My Space died, and I took the plunge and started a new blog on Blogger in 2010.

He walks in, looking grim, and says with little preamble, “You were a very bad girl, Elizabeth. I couldn’t keep myself from shrinking away from the belt he was already raising again, but his hand on my waist was firm. I was already moaning, “I’m sorry,” but the belt was already coming down again.

The belt came down again, across both cheeks, overlapping the first stroke that still ached and burned. He caught me across the tender skin of my thighs, and all pretense of dignity deserted me as I yelled and convulsed on his lap.

Then, around 2000, give or take a year, those gave way to chat forums, such as those on MSN and Yahoo, the old Shadow Lane chat board, etc.

People posted and chatted and shared and connected.

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    The stud walks in and kisses her hand, showing her respect the way she likes it, so to reward him she has him sit down.