Whos dating dylan sprouse

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He told Glamour that there is “absolutely zero” chance that Dylan will guest star on Riverdale.“I wouldn’t want it, Dylan would never do it, and I think it would break fourth wall too much,” he said.

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She then proceeded to delete all of the pictures of Sprouse she had on her Instagram.

Things got a little intense on Instagram on Thursday, Aug. Dylan Sprouse was accused of cheating on Dayna Frazer, a model Sprouse had been dating for about three years, by Frazer herself.

She called Sprouse out for the alleged cheating on her Instagram story.

As child actors the brothers would often share roles, such as Ross’ son Ben in Friends and Julian Mc Grath in Big Daddy.

Their first major individual roles came in the Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

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